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CJFC Canteen Duties and Roster
on Wednesday 25 May 2011
by author list
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It is the allocated team's responsibility to organise enough parents/workers to ensure there is coverage for the day in both the canteen and on the BBQ. The team would have been selected when they are playing at home. It is expected of other teams at the field to help out in the canteen when the assigned team has their game. (We don't expect you to miss your child's game).

There should be at least two (2) people in the canteen and one (1) on the BBQ at all times. NOTE: It is not advisable to pre-cook bacon and eggs. It does not take long to cook when required and pre-cooked eggs do not taste the same as fresh.

  • Rolls need to be cut up and stock put out on the counter
  • Cut onions for the BBQ
  • Tea, coffee, sugar, cups and stirrers placed on the side counter
  • Set up the BBQ with tables either side with napkins, sauces, utensils, eggs with sausages and bacon in the cooler
  • Cook some onions and sausages and place in the warmer
  • Optional - Put up the banner in front of the BBQ to shield the sun
During the day
  • Input all sales into the cash register and check change given
  • Make tea and coffee as required
  • Keep the canteen area clean and stock the fridge will drinks as required
  • Ensure only authorised people are in the canteen
  • Collect all match sheets and place in the folder provided
  • Cook orders as required for the canteen
  • Keep the BBQ and area as clean as possible during the day
  • Keep the hotplate as free as possible of oil (Burnt oil doesn't taste nice)
  • Keep enough onions and sausages pre-cooked in the warmers (There is generally a rush just after games and at lunch time) both take a long time to cook from fresh
End of the day
  • Put all counter stock back in the cupboards, including tea and coffee
  • Stock the fridge with drinks
  • Wash all utensils, pots, pans, cups etc. dry and put away
  • Mop the canteen floor just prior to leaving
  • The treasurer should pick up the cash and reconcile the till at the end of the day. If this has not been organised, please ring the treasurer
  • On Sunday the Competition Secretary needs to collect the match sheets. If not collected please call the Competition Secretary
  • Put the sauces, napkins, meat and eggs away
  • Clean down the tables and wash and dry the utensils and put away
  • Place the BBQ in the change room
  • Put any chairs and tables away in the change rooms
  • Wash down the concrete around the BBQ with detergent or degreaser and BOILING HOT WATER (There is a hard bristle broom for the purpose)
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