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Val and Vince Laws Gala Day
on 08 Apr 2008 by Club author list
HistoryDraw 2005Invitation 2007Entry form 2007 Competition Rules The 2007 Vince & Val Laws Under 10's Trophy was a memorable day for all 13 teams who participated, there were some excellent football skills displayed on the day from the preliminary rounds right up to the final but the most exciting game of the day was the marathon match that went into [read more]
Who do I talk to if I have suggestions or complaints?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
If you have a suggestion, concern or complaint, first port of call is your team coach or manager, who may be able to assist and/or pass on your issue's to the Committee for action. In the preseason period, contact a relevant committee member directly. Please do not contact the CDSFA direct, as they will not respond to any communication unless [read more]
What if I have more questions?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
Please check the club website to see if the required info is available there. If it is not, feel free to contact the appropriate committee member (see the Committee list on the Contact Us page). Please also be aware that all Committee members have jobs and families and are involved in the Club on a voluntary basis. If it takes [read more]
Do I have to help out during the season?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
We do not expect every parent or player to coach or manage a team. But, when registering with our club, we do require that you contribute to the maintenance and values of the club; by complying with policies, procedures and codes of conduct, by assisting with setting up and taking down the playing fields, acting as a ground official, assisting [read more]
What are the consequences of on- or off-field inappropriate behaviour?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
All players, team officials and spectators are required to adhere to the published Codes of Conduct and Child Protection Policies - please take time to read these. Canterbury Association has introduced a Zero Tolerance Policy for inappropriate behaviour by players, officials and spectators, particularly in relation to negative behaviour towards referees. Canterbury Juniors takes the protection of its members seriously [read more]
How do I know if training or games are cancelled?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
The main line of communication is with the team manager and coach. Each team will devise a suitable communication system, but if in doubt, call the manager or coach. Often a wet weather ground closure decision is not made by Council until mid afternoon on Fridays. This is complicated by the fact that fields for games are in different [read more]
When are matches played?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
Nursery, Under 6 - Under 12, All age and Over 35 matches are played on Saturday Under 13 - Under 18, some AA & Female teams play on Sunday Games are played at various parks in the Canterbury district - check the “Find a Ground” on our website for more info. Roughly half the games are played at our home [read more]
Can I choose a training night?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
The best way of choosing a training night is to volunteer to be coach, as training is negotiated depending on the coach's availability. Training sessions are on Monday to Thursday afternoon/ evenings, starting with the younger ages in the late afternoon. [read more]
How do I know my child is playing with the right team for them?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
Teams are graded and formed to allow children to play at an appropriate level for their ability. This will enhance their enjoyment and skill development. Remind your child that while they may not know the people that they are playing with, or even how to play properly now, they are an important part of their team and will have made [read more]
My 3 year old is keen on playing. Can he register?
on 01 Apr 2008 by Club author list
At CJFC we run nursery football for children under the age of 5 to give them the basics of the game before they move to matches against other clubs. All games start at 11:15am on a Saturday. Last year the Nursery had 6 teams (Green, Blue, Purple, Maroon, Orange and Red). The number of teams has increased from previous years [read more]

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